Let’s take the coverage off-road.

Protect Your Motorcycle.

Two-wheeled peace of mind.

Protect Your Boat.

Keep fun afloat.

Protect Your ATV.

No matter the terrain, be covered.

How we help recreationalists.

Don’t mess with another person’s toys. Where coverage for your home and auto end, this is where your protection for your recreational vehicle begins. So, whether you’re the proud owner of a 4-wheeler, motorcycle or boat, you can rest assured you’ll always have all the coverage you need. 

Bundling Makes Everything Better.


Extra coverage, beyond existing policy limits.


If it's important to you, it's important to us.


Bundles make everything better.

So why should you choose CanDo Insurance?

Perfectly logical question.

We were founded over 30 years ago, and are a family-owned independent insurance agency that prides itself on bringing humanity back to insurance. Our team of dedicated insurance agents help customers secure coverage for auto, home, and recreational vehicles. We also offer protection for collections (aka rider insurances) and umbrella insurance.

We believe we work only for our customers, taking care of their problems right when they arise.

We always try to find the bright side, even on the darkest of days.

We know accidents can turn a good day into a bad one fast. We’re just here to help make bad days better.

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